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The Uncertainty in 3 editions

Hi, I'm Mikael Opstrup

I have written a book, THE UNCERTAINTY about developing character driven documentary films.

For a few decades I have met a couple of hundred documentary film teams a year. We have discussed their projects and the meetings with these wonderful and hardworking creators are the inspiration for THE UNCERTAINTY.

The book reflects on all the different elements of creating character driven documentaries: directing, writing, filming, editing, producing. But also chapters like: Subtext, The scene, Looking for moments, Let’s get nerdy.

29 chapters, 9 scenes, 61 pages. It’s an approach to documentary film making and it’s a handbook.

The Uncertainty Readers wrote

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Talk at IDFA about
the uncertainty

THE UNCERTAINTY, 1. edition was launched at IDFA in 2021.

Here I had a session with Georgian director Salomé Jashi about the book.

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