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The Uncertainty. 3rd edition. A book about documentary filmmaking
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A book about Developing Character driven Documentary Film

by Mikael Opstrup

3rd edition 2024. 68 pages


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THE UNCERTAINTY covers all professions related to documentary filmmaking. The book is aimed at the wonderful and hardworking documentary creators, that work with the genre Character driven Documentary, with a special glance at the films intended for international distribution.


Character driven Documentary is the only art form beyond control of the creators. This makes the creation process extraordinarily difficult and extremely interesting.

Why? Because Character driven Documentary is founded on Complementarity, a contradiction where the two sides of an issue both compliment and exclude each other:

  • How do you create a narrative when the building blocks of the story are beyond your control?
  • How do you identify a potential story that has not yet happened?
  • How do you present a film that does not exist?
  • How do you budget and finance a product loaded with these uncertainties?

These are some of the issues Danish Mikael Opstrup addresses in THE UNCERTAINTY. It involves overcoming obstacles to experience the incomparable pleasure of turning events into dramaturgy without altering reality.

Documentary enthusiasts in general are welcome to join.

Sold in almost 2000 copies to readers in more than 30 countries across the world the 3rd edition of THE UNCERTAINTY – with new chapters – is out.

The author Mikael Opstrup has 45 years of experiences in the documentary world, and he has worked for more than 50 international documentary events to mention IDFA, Ex Oriente Film, Below Zero/NORTH PITCH and BCN Film Fest.

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